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Investment Philosophy

"Fads and emotions have no place in our investment process."- Neil Hennessy, CIO

Hennessy Funds offers a broad range of investment products, utilizing both actively and passively managed strategies. Each of our Funds employs a consistent and repeatable investment process, combining time-tested stock selection strategies with a highly disciplined, team-managed approach. We are dedicated to managing our Funds in the sole interest of our shareholders. That’s the principle we founded our business on over 25 years ago, and that same principle guides us each day.

Consistent and Repeatable Strategies

At Hennessy, we believe that quality investments begin and end with a consistent and repeatable investment approach. We understand that markets are volatile and not always favorable, and our strategies strive to dampen risk and preserve capital during turbulent times. We strive to give our investors the best chance to achieve returns that are balanced, mindful of downside risk and sustainable over the long run.

Highly Disciplined Management Style

We adhere to our proven investment strategies, in all types of market conditions. With history as our guide, we believe that investing success comes from choosing and holding quality stocks, and we simply won't allow media headlines, short term market fluctuations or emotions to distract us from our long term objectives.

Fully Disclosed, Transparent Process

Our investment processes are clearly defined and wholly transparent. We believe that smart investors want to know exactly how their money is being invested, which is why we disclose our investment strategies, performance, portfolio holdings and risk metrics.

Proven Performance

Each of the Hennessy Funds has a proven track record of performance. We don't expect our portfolios to outperform in every single time period, rather our strategies were developed to maximize long-term returns, and we are proud of our long-standing performance record.

Team Managed Portfolios

Each of our portfolios is team managed by tenured asset managers. We employ a deep and talented team of investment professionals led by Chief Investment Officer, Neil Hennessy.

Unwavering Commitment to Shareholders

We manage our portfolios for the sole benefit of our long term shareholders, and we refuse to manipulate short-term results or participate in any type of "window dressing.” Hennessy has a heritage of high ethical standards and compliance, and we serve our clients with integrity, honesty and candor. With Hennessy, clients can be confident that their money is always invested as promised in the prospectus, with no surprises.