Hennessy Cornerstone Growth Fund (HICGX)

Top Ten Holdings as of 3/31/2018

Total as % of Net Assets 22.1%
Comtech Telecommunications 2.5% Conn's, Inc. 2.1%
Crocs, Inc. 2.4% Providence Service Corp. 2.1%
Titan Machinery, Inc. 2.3% XPO Logistics, Inc. 2.1%
Marathon Petroleum Corp. 2.2% Centene Corp. 2.1%
Burlington Stores, Inc. 2.2% Insperity, Inc. 2.1%

Sector Weighting as of 3/31/2018

Portfolio Characteristics as of 3/31/2018

Total Fund Assets $198.8 Million
Portfolio Turnover 95%
Number of Holdings 51
Median Market Cap $2.7 Billion
Median Price/Earnings 21.92x
Median Price/Book 2.58x
Median Price/Sales 0.75x

Country Allocation as of 3/31/2018

Cayman Islands 1.8%
Netherlands 5.3%
Virgin Islands (British) 1.8%
United States 88.2%
Cash & Other 2.9%

Fund holdings and sector allocations are subject to change and should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell any security.

Price/Earnings Ratio is the market price per share divided by earnings per share. Price/Book Ratio is the market price per share divided by book value. Price/Sales ratio is a tool for calculating a stock's valuation relative to other companies. It is calculated by dividing a stock's current price by its revenue per share.