Hennessy Cornerstone Large Growth Fund (HFLGX)

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Neil J. Hennessy

Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer

Neil Hennessy is a seasoned portfolio manager with more than three decades of financial industry experience. Neil began his career as a financial advisor, and in 1989 he opened his own broker/dealer firm. In 1996, Neil founded his own asset management firm and launched his first mutual fund. Neil has a successful history acquiring asset management companies and starting mutual funds, and today he oversees the entire family of Hennessy Funds.

Neil is a recognized and respected asset manager, ranking among Barron's Top 100 Mutual Fund Managers for many years*, and he is a frequent guest/contributor in national financial media. Neil’s unique strength comes from employing a consistent and repeatable investment process, combining time-tested, stock selection strategies with a highly disciplined management style. Neil leads his investment team to manage portfolios for the sole benefit of their shareholders, never straying from this core value.

Neil graduated from the University of San Diego and the Wharton School of Upper Management through the SIA.

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Brian E. Peery

Portfolio Manager

Brian Peery has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, having held institutional sales, trading, research and analyst positions. He began his financial career at a boutique investment research shop working as an equities analyst and went on to manage research and trading for a full service brokerage firm. Today Brian is the Portfolio Manager for the Cornerstone Growth, Cornerstone Mid Cap 30, Cornerstone Large Growth, Cornerstone Value, Total Return, Balanced, Technology and Gas Utility Funds.

Brian has been with Hennessy Funds since 2002, where he has served on the Investment and Research Committee and held roles as our Director of Sales and Director of Research. Brian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Richmond (VA).

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Ryan Kelley, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Ryan brings nearly 20 years of financial analysis, trading and portfolio management experience to Hennessy Funds. Ryan serves as the Portfolio Manager of the Hennessy Small Cap Financial, Hennessy Large Cap Financial, Hennessy Gas Utility, Hennessy Cornerstone Growth, Hennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30, Hennessy Cornerstone Large Growth, Hennessy Cornerstone Value and Hennessy Technology Funds. He began as an associate in corporate finance at FBR & Co., a leading investment bank headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area and later joined their institutional equity research team. In 2005 Ryan became a member of the FBR Funds portfolio management team and transitioned to Hennessy Funds portfolio management when the firm acquired FBR in 2012.

Ryan received a BA from Oberlin College, is a CFA charterholder, and is a member of both The Boston Security Analysts Society and the CFA Society North Carolina.

* Barron's has not published a "Top 100 Mutual Fund Managers" list since August, 2008.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Fund managers named to the Barron’s list of the industry's top 100 have consistently outperformed their peers. The Barron's/Value Line annual rankings system awards points to managers who generate more stable returns and subtracts points from funds deemed too volatile. A manager with average performance and volatility gets a score of zero. Superior managers get positive scores commensurate with the value they’ve added to a fund’s performance on an annualized basis. Value Line first scanned 1,008 equity funds, screening out those with more than two lead managers and managers with less than three years’ tenure. The remaining funds were then organized by investment objective, and those with less than $200 million in assets were eliminated. 564 managers qualified to be ranked.