Hennessy Balanced Fund (HBFBX)

Objective and Overview

The Hennessy Balanced Fund seeks capital appreciation and current income, by investing in a combination of large, dividend-yielding companies and fixed income securities.

Investment Strategy

The Hennessy Balanced Fund invests 50% of its assets in the ten highest dividend-yielding Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks (known as the “Dogs of the Dow”) and 50% in U.S. Treasury securities.

Universe of 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks

Identify the 10 highest dividend- yielding Dogs of the Dow stocks

Invest 50% of asset in Dogs of the Dow stocks

Invest 50% of asset in U.S. Treasury securities with a maturity of less than one year

Dividend Yield is calculated as the annual dividends paid by a company divided by the price of a share of their stock.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the property of Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Dow Jones & Company, Inc. is not affiliated with the Hennessy Funds or their investment advisors. Dow Jones & Company, Inc. has not participated in any way in the creation of the Hennessy Funds or in the selection of stocks included in the Hennessy Funds and has not approved any information provided.