Hennessy Japan Small Cap Fund (HJSIX)

Morningstar Risk & Return as of 9/30/2017
(Relative to Japan Stock Category)

3YR 5YR10YR Overall
Morningstar Risk Below Avg LowHigh Average
Morningstar Return High HighHigh High
Morningstar Rating*
# of funds in Japan Stock Category 36 2513 36

*The overall Morningstar Rating is based on risk adjusted returns.

Standard Deviation (Volatility) as of 9/30/2017

3YR 5YR10YR  
Japan Small Cap Fund (HJSIX) 10.44 11.2617.37  
Russell/Nomura Small Cap Index 10.61 11.8414.77  
Japan Stock Funds Category Average 13.46 12.8716.06  

Modern Portfolio Theory Statistics as of 9/30/2017
(Relative to Russell/Nomura Small Cap Index )

3YR 5YR10YR  
Beta 0.82 0.841.06  
Alpha 4.24 7.663.77  

Capture Ratios as of 9/30/2017
(Relative to Russell/Nomura Small Cap Index )

Standard deviation is a statistical measure of the historical volatility of a mutual fund or portfolio. Beta measures the volatility of the fund, as compared to that of the overall market or of a benchmark. The benchmark’s beta is set at 1.00; a beta higher than 1.00 is considered to be more volatile than the benchmark, while a beta lower than 1.00 is considered to be less volatile. Alpha is an annualized return measure of how much better or worse a fund’s performance is relative to an index of funds in the same category, after allowing for differences in risk.  Market Capture Ratio is a statistical measure of the Fund’s overall performance in up-markets (positive return periods) and down-markets (negative return periods). The market capture ratios are used to evaluate how well an investment performed relative to an index during periods when that index has risen or fallen.