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Portfolio Manager Commentaries

Thoughts and Opinions
  • The Hennessy Equity and Income Fund Portfolio Managers discuss the potential impact of the Tax Reform bill on both equity and fixed income portfolio holdings. They also share their insights on dividend growth, inflation and interest rates, as well as their outlook for 2018.
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  • Hennessy Focus Fund Portfolio Managers David Rainey, Brian Macauley and Ira Rothberg discuss the potential impact of the Tax Reform bill and provide updates on a number of holdings in this "best ideas" concentrated portfolio. Read More

  • Hennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30 Fund Manager, Brian Peery, discusses the most recent rebalance of the Fund and what differentiates this year's portfolio from years past. He also details the Fund's top sector weightings and provides his insight on the theme that has emerged a focus on rebuilding after the 2017 natural disasters. Read More
  • Financial Funds Managers, Dave Ellison and Ryan Kelley, discuss how rising rates, the Tax Reform bill and deregulation could benefit both the Financials sector and companies in the Hennessy Small Cap Financial and Large Cap Financial Funds. Read More
  • Chief Investment Officer Neil Hennessy reviews current market fundamentals and shares his outlook for 2018. He provides observations and insights on why he believes this nine-year bull market still has plenty of room to run  Read More
  • Hennessy Gas Utility Fund Managers, Ryan Kelley and Brian Peery, describe the Fund's composition and share insights on merger and acquisition activity and dividend increases within the natural gas industry. They also discuss the potential impact of the growth of renewable energy and demand growth related to the electricity generation industry.  Read More
  • Japan Small Cap Fund Manager, Tad Fujimura, and Japan Fund Manager, Masa Takeda, discuss Japan's economy, current stock valuations, the impact of the recent election in Japan and geopolitical events, and they make the case for investing in Japan. Read More
  • Hennessy 2017 CIO Roundtable Mid-Year Review  Our team of tenured Portfolio Managers share their insights on what is ahead for investors. They provide opinions on the direction of the stock market and interest rates, potential impact of Trump administration policies, hidden earnings power in the U.S. economy and where they believe investment opportunities exist today.  Read More
  • The Technology Fund Portfolio Management team describes the Fund's stringent criteria that seeks high-quality companies with the potential to participate in the growth and innovation of technology. They share their insights on why low book leverage is an important metric in the Technology sector and why the portfolio is limited to just 60 stocks.
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  • President & Chief Investment Officer Neil Hennessy shares his thoughts on why he believes the current bull market will continue into 2017 and beyond. He recounts the events that influenced investors over the past year and discusses how U.S. corporations have been resilient despite persistent headwinds. He also provides his perspective on the factors that could lead to higher corporate profits and a stronger economy.
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  • Hennessy Cornerstone Value Fund Portfolio Manager, Brian Peery, discusses the Fund's quantitative investment strategy, which seeks large, dividend-yielding companies we believe are undervalued. He also comments on how interest rate increases may affect dividend-paying stocks and discusses changes in sector weightings following the Fund's most recent rebalance.  Read More
  • Hennessy Cornerstone Growth Fund Manager, Brian Peery, discusses the Fund's investment criteria and notable changes to the portfolio following the most recent rebalance, including market cap and sector weightings. He also shares his insights into which sectors might benefit the most from new policy proposals by the Trump administration.  Read More

  • Hennessy Total Return Fund and Hennessy Balanced Fund Portfolio Manager, Brian Peery, explains the investment strategy known as the "Dogs of the Dow" and discusses the potential power of dividend-paying companies. Read More
  • Hennessy Cornerstone Large Growth Fund Manager, Brian Peery, explains the Fund's disciplined and time-tested investment formula as well as why return on capital is a key stock selection metric. Brian also discusses the composition of the portfolio following the most recent rebalance and why the increased weighting in the Industrials sector may benefit from the continued low price of oil. Read More

Opinions expressed are those of the Portfolio Manager(s) and are subject to change, are not guaranteed and should not be considered investment advice.