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Hennessy Funds Named 2015 Lipper Fund Award Winner; Hennessy Gas Utility Fund Receives Award for Fourth Consecutive Year

April 1, 2015 - Hennessy Funds today announced that the Hennessy Gas Utility Fund (GASFX) has received the 2015 Lipper Fund Award for best in category five-year risk adjusted performance among 15 Utility Funds for the period ended 11/30/14.  This marks the fourth consecutive year that the Gas Utility Fund has received the five-year Lipper Fund Award.*  Lipper Fund Awards honor mutual funds that have excelled in delivering consistently stronger performance than their peers.                                              

“We are very pleased to again be recognized by a prestigious organization like Lipper for our disciplined, consistent and repeatable investment management approach,” said Neil Hennessy, President and Chief Investment Officer of Hennessy Funds. 

The Hennessy Gas Utility Fund owns shares of the publicly-traded members of the American Gas Association, a national trade association comprised entirely of natural gas distribution companies. “While many funds in our category invest in a very broad range of different types of utilities, our Fund focuses exclusively on the distribution side of the natural gas industry,” said Skip Aylesworth, Portfolio Manager. “With a 100+ year domestic supply and low and stable pricing, natural gas represents a compelling investment.  The Hennessy Gas Utility Fund provides an opportunity to invest in the companies that should benefit from the growing demand for natural gas,” Aylesworth noted.

* The 2012, 2013 and 2014 Lipper Fund Awards were given among 16, 16 and 15 Utility Funds for the five-year periods ending 11/30/11, 11/30/12 and 11/30/13, respectively.

About Hennessy Funds

Hennessy Funds offers a wide range of domestic equity, sector, specialty, and multi-asset investment products. Hennessy is committed to its consistent and repeatable investment process, combining time-tested stock selection strategies with a highly disciplined, team-managed approach and to providing superior service to shareholders.

A Lipper Fund Award is awarded to one fund in each Lipper classification for achieving the strongest trend of consistent risk-adjusted performance against its classification peers over a three, five or ten-year period. Although Lipper makes reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data contained herein, the accuracy is not guaranteed by Lipper. Lipper Analytical Services, Inc. is an independent mutual fund research and rating service. © 2015, All Rights Reserved