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Feature Articles

  • 07/20/2017
    Wall Street Transcript
    The Wall Street Transcript Interviews Hennessy Japan Fund Portfolio Manager Masa Takada
    Hennessy Japan Fund Portfolio Manager Masa Takeda discusses his approach to concentrated investing, and his selection process, which seeks great businesses with proven track records and time-tested business models, run by exceptional management and attractively valued. He highlights the investment case for some portfolio holdings and also provides insights on the improving economic environment in Japan.
  • 01/25/2017
    Forbes: A Fund Manager Shares 3 of His Top Stock Picks - Hennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30
    Brian Peery, Portfolio Manger of the Hennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30 Fund talks with Wallace Forbes about the Fund, the formulas to get to 30 stocks and why he likes these three...
  • 12/02/2016
    Investor's Business Daily
    Investor's Business Daily: "Top-Notch Investor's Bet on Likely Trump-Era Stock Leaders"

    Hennessy Focus Fund Portfolio Manager Brian Macauley shares his insights on a number of stocks could benefit as a Trump administration ushers in tax cuts and interest rate hikes. He discusses his investment strategy and provides and in-depth look at the current investment case for four holdings in this concentrated, best ideas portfolio.

  • 07/21/2016
    CNBC.com: Brian Peery, Hennessy Cornerstone MidCap 30 Fund
    Here is a recap featuring Brian Peery, Portfolio Manager of the Hennessy Cornerstone MidCap 30 Fund, from his live appearance on the CNBC PowerLunch. He discusses a stock in the portfolio and why he thinks they are making the right move.
  • 07/08/2016
    Forbes: A Swiss Army Knife for Investing - Hennessy Equity and Income Fund
    Portfolio Managers Gary Cloud and Mark DeVaul discusses how this balanced fund can be a one-stop shop for investors with a mix of 60% U.S. equities and 40% high quality U.S. bonds. The goal of both the fixed income side (Gary Cloud) and the equity side (Mark DeVaul) is downside protection.
  • 05/05/2016
    Asia Times 1
    "Abenomics Is Neither Dead Nor Sick" - Hennessy Japan Fund Portfolio Manager
    Masa Takeda discusses the slow and steady progress of Abenomics and how the dozens of policy measures and tax reforms are still a work in progress. With an unsure macro economic outlook his prudent stock selection includes companies with proven long-term track records and significant international growth exposure.
  • 04/14/2016
    Barron's Mutual Funds -- "5 Stock Picks from Hennessy Focus Fund Portfolio Manager"
    Hennessy Focus Fund Portfolio Manager, David Rainey, who is extremely discriminating about what stocks he will buy, is interviewed about the necessary qualities companies must have for his team to consider them for the Fund. Lately he likes these five and here are his thoughts on his latest picks.
  • 03/30/2016
    Investor's Business Daily
    Investor's Business Daily - Hennessy Focus Fund "Big Bets on Best Ideas"
    This article features the conviction of the Portfolio Managers' best ideas in this concentrated, high conviction portfolio of 20-30 stocks they plan to hold at least five years and highlights the Fund's top holdings.
  • 03/15/2016
    Financial Advisor- Portfolio Spotlight: A Sharper Focus
    Brian Macauley, Co-Portfolio Manager of the Hennessy Focus Fund, discusses the details of his team's investment strategy, a bottom-up investment approach that seeks high-quality, growth-oriented companies that make up this best ideas, concentrated portfolio.
  • 03/14/2016
    Money Show
    MoneyShow.com - "Cornerstone Buys" Featuring Brian Peery
    Hennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30 Fund Portfolio Manager is interviewed about the strict, time-tested formula he uses to select stocks. He also walks through three of the Fund's holdings - an airline, an auto dealership, and a turnaround in retailing.
  • 02/18/2016
    Value Investor Insight, "Masakazu Takeda" -- Hennessy Japan Fund
    Portfolio Manager Masa Takeda is featured in this in-depth interview where he shares his views on why the investment opportunity set is so small in Japan, how the implementation of "Abenomics" impacts his approach and where he believes Japanese companies have an advantage.
  • 12/23/2015
    Money Show
    MoneyShow.com - "Utility Expert Sees Gas Sector Gains"
    Hennessy Gas Utility Fund Portfolio Manager Skip Aylesworth is interviewed. He sees long-term reasons to remain optimistic. He discusses the Fund, the gas sector, and some well positioned ideas among specific gas distribution stocks.
  • 08/20/2015
    Barron's: Today's Top Stock Picks-Dividends and Buybacks -- Hennessy Equity and Income Fund
    In this article Mark DeVaul, Portfolio Manager of the equity portion of the Hennessy Equity & Income Fund, discusses his top stock picks and the investment thesis to limit the downside while also participating in market rallies.
  • 06/02/2015
    Value Investor uncovering
    Value Investor Insight, "Uncovering Value" - Hennessy Japan Fund
    In this article Portfolio Manager, Masa Takeda, makes the investment case for Mitsubishi Corp., one of the top holdings in the Hennessy Japan Fund. He shares his view that the history and complexity of these uniquely Japanese trading houses have led to unparalleled global reach and expertise. 
  • 05/28/2015
    Asia Times 1
    Asia Times, "Hennessy Japan Funds Manager Bullish on Japanese Equities"
    In this article Japan Fund Portfolio Manager, Masa Takeda, discusses his investment process to find stocks with a "value gap" and those companies looking to overseas markets for growth. He also shares his insights on the structural reforms underway that could propel Japan's economy higher.
  • 12/10/2014
    ticker, "Natural Gas, Natural Advantage"
    Gas Utility Index Fund Portfolio Manager, Skip Aylesworth, discusses the abundant supply of natural gas in the U.S., new demand drivers, and the compelling investment thesis for this industry.

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